Does your home need waterproof flooring?

Waterproof flooring is an excellent choice for any space where water damage could happen. But did you know it's perfect for every other room as well? The good news is that these floors offer impressive benefits you can put to use anywhere.

Adding the best visual to any room is easy with this product line. It also creates a perfect surface for pets and children. And learning more about these materials could help you choose the ideal products.

Visuals you will love

The visual appeal of waterproof vinyl flooring is easy to see right away. These floors can mimic all-natural materials, complete with colors, textures, and format options. As a result, they look like wood, porcelain tile, and natural stone, with authentic profiles. These floors work with any decor, from rustic to mid-century modern to contemporary, and a trendy, beachy look with whitewashed appearances. You'll likely find it in this product line no matter your decor matching need.

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You can't beat the durability of waterproof vinyl

Waterproof vinyl flooring offers exceptional durability in areas that see lots of traffic. Many homeowners think water-resistant flooring is as durable as waterproof. But the truth is that water-resistant materials eventually give way to damage. Waterproof flooring protects against water damage, even in flood conditions. While 72 hours of water-resistant protection might be perfect for some families, others need more. And these floors are the ideal material for the task, especially with pets in the home.

Added waterproof flooring benefits

These floors are much easier to install than some other materials. They even offer floating and loose-lay options so you can walk on your floors at once. In addition, waterproof flooring is easy to clean, doesn’t hide allergens, and can last up to 20 years or more for a beautiful whole-package deal.
Waterproof flooring in Vacaville, CA from M & D Carpets & Flooring Inc

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